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Welcome to Ballard!

January 28, 2023 — Ballard is a large neighborhood in northwest Seattle.

Homes For Sale in Ballard, Seattle, WA

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OPEN Sat 1pm-4pm & Sun 1pm-4pm
For Sale Listed Today!
$697,500 3 Beds 1.5 Baths 1,210 SQFT
So much potential in this 1908 charmer! Cosmetic fixer with great bones in central lo...  Details »
NWMLS #2030679. Donald W. Kuehn, Lake & Company
OPEN Sat 10:30am-12:30pm & Sun 2pm-4pm
Blackwood Homes
For Sale Listed Today!
$749,900 2 Beds 1.75 Baths 1,311 SQFT
Move-in Ready Homes with available credits at closing! Take advantage of a great oppo...  Details »
NWMLS #2006416. Diana Rayo, Windermere RE/Capitol Hill,Inc
OPEN Sat 11am-1pm & Sun 1pm-4pm
For Sale Listed Today!
$1,100,000 3 Beds 2.25 Baths 1,880 SQFT
4-Star Built Green standalone townhome boasts unique and modern touches. From the lof...  Details »
NWMLS #2031069. Jeremey Johnson, Windermere Real Estate Co.

Sales Activity in Ballard

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YEAR 2023
Yesterday January 27, 2023 - 928 A NW 56th St Seattle WA 98107.
2 Bedroom 1,311 sqft townhome in Ballard for sale at $572 per sqft.
Listed by Diana Rayo, Windermere RE/Capitol Hill,Inc. NWMLS #2006416
Yesterday January 27, 2023 - 832 B NW 54th St Seattle WA 98107.
2 bedroom townhome in Ballard. Was listed at $604 per sqft.
Listed by Diana Rayo, Windermere RE/Capitol Hill,Inc. NWMLS #2010137
Yesterday January 27, 2023 - 2638 NW 56th St Unit C Seattle WA 98107.
3 bedroom townhome in Ballard. Was listed at $579 per sqft.
Listed by John Cowan, Windermere Real Estate Co.. NWMLS #2031133
Yesterday January 27, 2023 - 6520 10th Ave NW Seattle WA 98117.
3 Bedroom 1,210 sqft house in Ballard for sale at $576 per sqft.
Listed by Donald W. Kuehn, Lake & Company. NWMLS #2030679
Yesterday January 27, 2023 - 822 NW 63rd St Seattle WA 98107.
3 Bedroom 1,880 sqft house in Ballard for sale at $585 per sqft.
Listed by Jeremey Johnson, Windermere Real Estate Co.. NWMLS #2031069

Guide to Homes for Sale in Ballard - Seattle

Ballard is a highly sought after neighborhood in the heart of Seattle. With a lively shopping district and easy access to the Puget Sound, the Ballard neighborhood is the perfect combination of nature and city-life and draws many visitors on the weekends, especially during the hotter months. Here are some of the top reasons why you should be looking for homes for sale in Ballard, WA.

Families are drawn to Ballard for its great schooling options and a long list of fun, outdoor kid-appropriate activities for children. 

Young singles and couples enjoy the neighborhood's exciting bar and restaurant scene, as well as its central location with easy access to job centers like Downtown Seattle and South Lake Union

Retirees are attracted to Ballard for its centrally-located condos and townhomes with easy access to shops and restaurants in Downtown Ballard

Ballard Location

Ballard sits between NW 65th St and NW 85th St from North to South and from 15th Ave. NW to 28th Ave NW. Ballard is also home to smaller neighborhoods like Juniper Hill and Loyal Heights. 

About the Homes in Ballard

As one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city of Seattle, Ballard also has some of the city's oldest homes, built in the late 1800s. Many of Ballard's older homes are small cottages and single-story homes. Larger, more recent builds are often in the tudor or carpenter style. These sit on comfortable-sized lots throughout the neighborhood.Check out our listings of homes for sale in Ballard above.

There are currently 38 single family homes for sale in Ballard, Seattle and 9 condos for sale in Ballard.

There are typically about 66 home and condo sales per month in the neighborhood.

$905,000 is the median price for single family homes sold in the last 6 months. 1,664 SQFT was the median house size which is $544 per square foot.

New Construction in Ballard

Ballard is almost entirely, fully developed neighborhood, with about 10 new houses and townhomes built each year.


Ballard is served by the Seattle Public Schools District's West Woodland Elementary, Hamilton International Middle School, and Ballard High School. There are also plenty of private elementary school options and a few private high school options in the area. 

Neighborhood Parks, Recreation & Activities

Ballard is home to many family-friendly recreational centers including Gilman Playground, Loyal Heights Playfield and Salmon Bay Park. Residents can also visit the Ballard Pool. With a modest admission fee, guests gain access to a 26 yard/6 lane pool complete with a rope swing, diving board and water slide. In the summer, Ballard also hosts the extremely popular Ballard Farmer's Market every Sunday. 

Ballard Neighborhood Shops

  • The Walrus and the Carpenter (Seafood)
  • Peddler Brewing Co.
  • Serious Pie (Pizza)
  • Target

Commuting from Ballard

The RapidRide D line will take passengers from downtown Ballard to the heart of Downtown Seattle and bus Route 44 will take passengers from Southwest Ballard to the University of Washington.

Common Commute Times (by car) from Ballard

  • Downtown Seattle - 20 mins
  • University of Washington - 19 mins
  • South Lake Union - 17 mins
  • Downtown Bellevue - 30 mins
  • Kirkland - 35 mins
  • Redmond - 37 mins


  • Ballard Locks
  • Golden Gardens Park
  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • National Nordic Museum

Ballard Real Estate Agent

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